Play Your Own Game

“Life The Game”
I am not the king.
I am not the queen.
I am the one who sees, into the unseen.
I am not the jack or the ace.
I trump all who stand in my place.
I do not follow rule or law.
I am above it all.
I am the cosmic laugher.
I am the sacred poker.
I understand it is all a game.
So, I always win.



My journey as a “Street Poet”

I started writing poetry when I was nine. I started it again when I was 20 it has saved my life in more ways then one. This is where I will be putting all my poetry and photos.

Thanks world.

“Poem From 2016”

The most beautiful thing in life death
Without it your life would drag for eternity.
And the simple things in life would lose value.
Embrace death with open arms.
So, with each death of day.
You will #remember to live fearlessly.